Chapter 16

I drop off Miss Steele and the boss out front then go park the SUV in the underground garage.

I decide to take the service elevator up to the penthouse: from the look on the boss’s face I don’t think Miss Steele will be getting much sleep and I really don’t want to bump into them before he gets her into the bedroom. At least that’s where I assume he’ll take her, but with the boss, there’s never such thing as a done deal.

He held her in his arms while she slept for almost the entire journey which was kinda sweet. He’s fallen for her big time but I still have my doubts about their relationship or contract or whatever the fuck it is. I mean, let’s face it, finding a sweetie like Miss Steele, all innocent and beautiful, who’s willing to let him beat the shit out of her and fuck her in more ways than I’ve had hot dinners – he’d have to be lottery-lucky to find all that in one person.

But maybe it’s his turn.

The boss really isn’t a laugh-a-minute kind of guy; and I get why. A lot of the reasons for this are, quite literally, stamped all over his body. Not only that, he’s got tens of thousands of people in half a dozen different countries living off what he pays them. If he screws up, that’s a lot of people unemployed. Plus he’s a walking, talking, fucking target for all the whackos out there who hate him because of his wealth – which is where I come in. And whatever went on with him and the Ice Queen when he was a kid, he’s been pretty fucked up about women ever since. Maybe it’s true that everybody gets a chance at redemption. The question is: will he be smart enough to take it?

All this worrying about the boss is giving me a fucking headache. I’m really glad it’s Sunday because I know that Gail will be waiting for me when I get back – and that woman is the best cure for headaches that I’ve ever known.

It’s quiet as I make my way silently through the apartment. I wasn’t trained in covert ops for nothing. Who knew it would come in so handy for being close protection for a twisted fucker like Grey. Some weekends, when he had his subs around, I needed a pair of blinkers to walk through the apartment. I mean, I really don’t need to see the boss fucking in his study, in the main room, in the kitchen, and once in my fucking office! Bastard! It took me a while to look at the CCTV table in the same way, for fucks sake. Images like that get burned into a man’s brain.

I turn off the lights as I go but the apartment is never really dark, not with the city glowing softly below. I like not having curtains. Weird, I know.

Gail’s bedroom door is slightly ajar. Officially we still have separate bedrooms but my room hardly ever gets slept in. Sometimes I sleep in there if I’ve got a really early start and I don’t want to wake her up. I hate those nights: the bed is just too damn big and cold without her.

I take off my jacket and tie and drop them on the sofa, then push open her door. She’s asleep, lying on her side, one arm reaching out to the empty space where I really want to be. Her shoulder is bare, pale in the dim light. God, she’s beautiful. Her hair is spread out across the pillow like a silver halo. I am one lucky bastard.

I bend down to untie my shoes then kick them under the bed and pull off my socks. I’m moving as quietly as possible but when I tug my shirt over my head, her eyes open, and she blinks sleepily.

“Sorry, baby. I was trying not to wake you.”

“I don’t mind being woken by you, Mr Taylor. I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you, too, baby. So much.”

“Mmm, you’ve taken your shirt off,” she says. “Do you need some help with your pants?”

“I need anything you can give me, baby.”

She smiles like a sphinx and sits up. I can’t help my eyes following the sheets as they fall to her waist. She’s naked and just so fucking fabulous.

She reaches out and tucks her fingers into my waistband, tugging me towards her.

“I think you’re pleased to see me, Mr Taylor.”

I can’t reply because she’s running her hand over the fucking enormous bulge that’s just made lift-off in my pants.

She unzips me real slow – it’s such a fucking turn on. And she’s staring up at me the whole time. God, she’s so…. She grips me – hard. Fuck!

And I can’t wait anymore.
I pull off my pants and step out of them.

“Did you just drop your pants on the floor, Mr Taylor?”

“What? Yeah, so?”

“What have I told you about leaving your clothes on the floor?”

She looks really pissed. What the fuck?

“You think I’m here just to pick up after you?” she says angrily.

“Gail, no! Of course not!”

She grabs the waistband of my boxer briefs and yanks them down. It’s only just not painful.

“You’ve been bad, Jason. You need to be punished… And you need to be restrained.”


And she pulls out a pair of pink, fluffy handcuffs from underneath her pillow.

I break out into a cold sweat. Since when was Gail into this kinky shit? She’s been working here too long!

“Er, Gail… I really don’t…”

“Hush now, Jason. This isn’t going to hurt… much! Happy anniversary, darling.”

She throws me onto the bed and straddles me.



“Jason! Jason! What’s the matter?”

I realize I’m thrashing around in the bed as Gail sits up and turns on her sidelight.

I screw up my eyes against the brightness and let my breathing return to something like normal.

“Jason, what on earth is the matter?”

Her voice is filled with concern.

“Oh, god, just a…” Christ! I just dreamed about Gail and handcuffs and… fuck me!

“Did you have a nightmare?”

Was it a nightmare? Mmm, maybe not. But, Gail with handcuffs?

“Noooo, not exactly.”

“Then what?”

She runs her soft fingers over my chest as I sit up and lean back against the headboard. And suddenly I really don’t want to admit to her what I was dreaming about. Fucking Grey! It’s his fault, the twisted fucker!

“Tell me, darling,” she says, her voice hypnotic, edged with worry.

I can’t lie to this woman.

But I’m trained in special ops, tactics and war games.

I take evasive action, pinning her down to the bed and running my hands over her beautiful, round, soft breasts. And, apart from the handcuffs, I take over where my dream ended.

“Jason! What’s got into you?”

“I don’t know, baby, but I sure as hell want to get into you!”

“I have to be up in a few hours!”

“I’m up now, baby.”

She laughs and runs her nails down my back.

“You’ve got a very persuasive argument, Jason.”

She runs her teeth down my throat and across my shoulder then bites me.

I push my hands up between her thighs and I can feel her body tremble under mine; she moans into my neck and bites me again. I’m going to be black and blue tomorrow – but it’ll be worth it.

Normally I like to take my time but after the day I’ve had, that fucking weird nightmare or dream or whatever the fuck it was, and those teasing little bites, I’m done waiting. I plunge into her and feel her amazing warm, wet pussy, so soft and tight, stroking me all the way up, all the way up to my hilt. Fuck! Then she clenches around me and I’m pounding into her – from nought to ninety in one second: top, fucking gear.

She rakes her nails down my back, making me call out, then wraps her legs around my waist and locks her heels behind me.

I push harder, my head buried in her neck, breathing like I’ve just sprinted a mile in full kit and 40 pounds of body armor.

Her body starts to tremble and quiver and she squeezes me inside and out. I grit my teeth and silently urge her on.

She comes beautifully, shatteringly and, relieved, I follow her, thrusting hard and letting go.

Our bodies are locked together, a film of sweat making her skin gleam.

I don’t want to pull out of her but after half a minute, she unlocks her legs and pushes gently against my chest. Reluctantly, I let her go and lie at her side, my head resting on her stomach.

She strokes my hair softly.

“Goodness, Jason! What was all that about?”

“Just pleased to see you, baby.”

“So it seems! Are you going to tell me what woke you up? You sounded like you were having a nightmare.”

I really don’t want to think about that.

“Nothing that you couldn’t put right, baby.”

I pull her more tightly to me and thank god that I took a job with a weird, fucked up, billionaire from Seattle.


It’s Monday morning but I have the luxury of sleeping in. Once I knew Miss Steele didn’t need to be driven back to her place in the Pike Market district, I knew the boss wouldn’t be going for an early morning run.

I was hoping to work on some more evasive tactics with Gail but she swatted my wandering hands away and bribed me with the promise of bacon and pancakes… if I’m ‘good’.

Why, Mrs Jones! I’m always good with you around.

Gail interrupts my pleasant daydreams by bringing me breakfast in bed. I can’t help grinning at her.

“You are an accomplished woman, Mrs Jones.”

“Why, thank you, Mr Taylor. An unexpected but very welcome compliment.”

“And you sure can cook, woman!”

“Is that the beginning and end of my talents, Mr Taylor? Because if I remember correctly, and I was taking notes at the time, last night you said I fucked like a vestal virgin on a Sunday school outing with the high school football team. I paraphrase, of course.”

I grin up at her. “Paraphrase, huh?”

“Well, possibly a verbatim report. By the way, I’ve just met Mr Grey’s young lady.”


“I think I embarrassed her. She clearly didn’t know who I was – she probably thinks I’m one of his subs!”

She laughs at the idea but I’m not so pleased. I don’t want anyone having that thought about Gail. But, of course, that’s exactly what I wondered when I first met her. The memory pisses me off.

“She seems very sweet, Miss Steele. And very… er… amorous!”

“Yeah, she and the boss fuck like it’s about to be rationed.”

“Hmm, well, it seems to be catching, Mr Taylor.”

I reach up to grab her but she dodges out of the way.

“You are not getting maple syrup on the sheets again!” she says severely.


“Well, not on a work day. Besides, I think Mr Grey will be wanting to talk to you, although he’s not going into the office until 2pm.”

“I have a few ideas about how we can spend the time until then,” I say.

And this time she’s not quick enough. I’m really looking forward to getting her all sticky.


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  1. Thanks so so much for creating this 2nd blog for us ipad users….i just simply couldnt go even a week without another chapter of Taylor or Twenty….or Flynn….or a one shot the list is endless. Chapter 16 of Taylor was absolutery brilliant…cant wait for more….and i must say i really really like Taylor….x

    • Hi Bridget,
      The Blog Master here. I’m really really really glad this 2nd blog is working – you may have noticed I was starting to go insane with the problem but getting no help from WordPress was getting me angry as well.
      What still astounds me is Jane’s popularity, but what do you expect with such quality writing. We are great friends and although I get to hear of some of the storyline ideas I don’t want to know too much because I want to be as surprised as you lot do when it gets downloaded.
      Thanks for being a loyal fan, and thanks for putting up with TBM trying to figure out how to sort the iPad problem out.
      Regards, Lisa

  2. I discovered this blog over the weekend & LOVE it! How often is it updated? I want to be prepared if it is not weekly, LOL. I love all the different POV’s here! Thanks!

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